Smok Infinix AiO Replacement Cartridge 1PK (3pcs) 2PK (6pcs)

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SmokInfinix AiO Replacement Cartridge 1PK (3pcs) 2PK (6pcs)


The Infinix Replacement Cartridge comes with a 2ML e-juice capacity

side filling solution. Anti-leaks and drips.

2ML e-juice capacity

Compatible with:

SMOK Infinix


Air-driven Pod System

Capacity (E-Liquid): 2mL

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Available Color: Black

Package Content:

One Pack (01) Smoktech Infinix AiO Replacement Cartridge - 3Pcs

Or if you select Two package:

Two Pack (02) Smoktech Infinix AiO Replacement Cartridge - 6Pcs



Before using the cartridge for the first time, fill it to its maximum e-Liquid limit, as indicated by the original manufacturer of the cartridge. Wait about 4-8 minutes for the “priming process” to take place, in which the cotton of the coil soaks-up the e-Liquid.

The wait time for priming is based on the thickness of your e-Liquid (i.e. e-Liquids with  70VG/30PG have a priming time of 4-6 minutes while e-Liquids with 80VG/20PG have a priming time of about 6-8 minutes.)

Once the cotton has been sufficiently saturated by the liquid, it is safe to fire your device without the risk of burning the coil. If there is a "burnt" taste once vaping begins, do not keep firing!

Please note that each cartridge and coil is different and should be treated as such.

Vinilus Vape Shop & Electronics cannot accept returns on cartridges or coils that have been misused, inaccurately primed and/or incorrectly filled